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How Partners Increase Their Offerings and Revenue Growth with Synack

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By Justine Desmond

Unemployment in cybersecurity is close to zero percent. If that’s not enough to cause concern, the global shortage of cyber professionals is estimated at 2.72 million individuals. With an economic downturn, there’s also more risk to hiring full-time positions. Whether you already have a pentest offering or would like to sell pentest services, scaling your team of skilled security testers is likely to be a major hurdle.

Synack can help. Synack is one of the world’s largest pentesting providers with an elite team of 1,500 security researchers and scalable technology. Our partners include a wide range of companies from Microsoft, a leading technology powerhouse, to regional partners such as Red River.

The benefits of Synack’s pentest offerings to our diverse partners include:

  • On-demand test deployment 
  • Talent augmentation 
  • Faster revenue growth 

In some companies, pentesting is a bad word that brings to mind disruption, delays and ineffectiveness. Synack has redefined pentesting as responsive, continuous and intelligent.

What does a better pentest experience mean for our partners? 

On-Demand Deployment

Synack’s deployment and scoping process takes days, not weeks or months. As attack surfaces become more complex and dynamic, companies need more flexible testing. Synack can easily meet pentesting demand with an elite crowd of researchers, available 24/7/365. Our ability to quickly increase researchers on target enables Synack to launch tests in 3 days or less. You won’t run into the same scheduling delays with Synack as you would with a traditional pentesting firm. Additionally, Synack has self-service capabilities for existing customers. And it’s not just pentesting that is on-demand: Synack has the ability to address topical vulnerabilities, such as log4j, hours after they make headlines.

Talent Augmentation 

Synack can add more seats to your bench – whether you have an existing pentesting team or not. Synack’s researchers have to complete a rigorous vetting process that includes a criminal background check, video interviews and a skills assessment. These researchers have tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) that replicate what attacks look like today – not just a standard checklist. It’s the infosec equivalent of adding 50 Steph Currys to your team on-demand. Additionally, Synack goes beyond compliance by offering value-add features such as Jira and ServiceNow integrations, remediation assistance and researcher communication to help customers fix vulnerabilities and save time.

Faster Revenue Growth

Synack helped increase revenue growth by 800% over five years for one partner. Synack helps partners to increase their growth by providing easy margin. Synack can meet demand at scale with consistent quality, which is what differentiates us in a competitive market. You won’t have to worry about constraints such as talent capability, capacity and cost. 

If you’re interested in launching or expanding your pentesting business, look no further than Synack. Our work with over 400 customers speaks volumes about our reputation. Additionally, we work closely with many partners across the US, Europe, and Asia. If you think that Synack could be a helpful partner for you, please visit the Synack Partnerships microsite.