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Government agencies choose Synack to deliver crowdsourced security testing with transparency, control and auditability. Read about our government work >

Department of Defense

Internal Revenue Service

Crowd Security Intelligence for Government: An Innovative Solution

Synack’s hacker-powered approach enables agencies to find and fix vulnerabilities before adversaries exploit them. Learn more about our government solution >

Vetted Crowd of Ethical Hackers
Vulnerability Management Platform
Continuous Monitoring & Support
Crowd Security Intelligence

The Synack Value

Agencies choose Synack for vulnerability management, continuous monitoring, and security testing. Learn more about our government-tailored services >

Private & managed, unlike open bug bounty

Most rigorous vetting in the industry

Visibility & control over all ethical hacker activities

Industry-leading results, including highest signal-to-noise ratio and average bounty sizes

Government-tailored Synack Red Team segmentation and client-specific vetting

Triage, validation and manual reproduction of all reports to prioritize critical vulnerabilities

Our Performance Speaks for Itself


Overall Signal-to-Noise Ratio


Business Hour Support Response Time


Vulnerability Triage & Validation Time


Patch Verification Time

Screening Process

Unlike open bug bounty programs, Synack believes unvetted hackers increase risk.
Learn how Synack differs from the open bug bounty model >


of SRT members undergo our mandatory 5-step vetting process


of SRT applicants are accepted


of hacker activity is tracked and available to customers through our portal

Like our testing, our vetting is continuous

Why Government Agencies
Trust Us

Government agencies choose Synack to test their sensitive digital assets because of Synack’s unique private, managed approach to crowdsourced security and industry-leading results.

Trust, security, and privacy motivate all that we do. Through our web-based portal, clients have 24/7 visibility and control into 100% of ethical hacker activities, captured through LaunchPoint™.

Interested in Giving Synack a Try?

Synack is offering a Proof-of-Concept. See vetted security professionals searching for exploitable vulnerabilities. Give us access to your most secure digital assets, let us show our value.

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