Synack Veterans
Cyber Program


Synack leads the way as the first Crowdsourced Security Platform to establish a cybersecurity program for the veterans community.

We expect a cyber talent gap of 3.5M by 2021. Meanwhile, over 65% of veterans experience difficulty in transitioning out of active duty. The Synack Veterans Cyber Program offers a solution.

When it comes to defending our nation from attack, veterans are exactly the type of people security professionals want on their team. Synack is proud to continue investing in the people who will help our country stand strong against cyber threats and protect the American way of life, because it truly does take a crowd.
— Jay Kaplan, Synack CEO and Co-Founder

Recruit, Empower, Deploy

Our mission for the Synack Veterans Cyber Program is simple: Recruit qualified veterans, Empower them with the right tools, and Deploy them on our testing platform. Based on their years of experience and service, many veterans are mission-ready and excellent candidates to join the Synack Red Team. We’re calling all veterans to come join us in securing the biggest names in the public and private sector and protecting the American Way of Life.


We search for the best hackers in the world through our community outreach initiatives and events throughout the year.



We provide an extensive, intelligent hacker toolkit, mentorship and support - you can connect directly with the Synack team and our community to develop and hone your skills.



We have challenging and exclusive targets for you to work on, and help protect leading public and private organizations from cyber attacks.



Crowdsourcing veteran expertise helps employers, veterans, and our national security. I am proud to support the Synack Veterans Cyber Program—the first crowdsourced security program to both create opportunities for veterans and help solve one of the largest national security threats of our time.
— Former Secretary of Veterans Affairs Jim Nicholson

Our Commitment to Veterans:

  • Expedited Application Process: Our dedicated Synack Community team for veterans looks at your application as soon as it hits our inbox
  • Community: Join an organization that works side by side with the DOD and government organizations
  • Advocacy: Synack military employees have been where you are and can help to translate the amazing responsibility military members handle
  • Exclusive Events: Synack HackerHangout(TM) events, fireside chats, guest speakers and training events
  • Career Development Assistance: Know what industry certifications are most sought after and how to best set your career up for success
  • Perks: Get your hands on Synack swag exclusively for veterans