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Our Mission

To provide up and coming individuals from under-represented minority groups access to future career pathways in technology and/or cybersecurity through a structured, support-driven training program. By creating a welcoming and inclusive environment anchored by structured curriculum and on-going mentorship, the Synack Academy programs are designed to ensure student participants receive comprehensive technology & cyber security education in which their unique circumstances and skill-sets are recognized, their goals are supported, and their developmental needs remain at the forefront. Cohort Start Date: Monday, December 7, 2020 Cohort Duration: Three Months (curriculum can be completed as quickly as six weeks, but participants will have up to the full three months of the program to complete it, if needed.)
Program Design & Curriculum: Through weekly virtual cohort check-in meet-ups, mentorship by Synack staff and/or red team members, and a structured weekly curriculum schedule, our aim is to provide participants with the opportunity to gain foundational technical knowledge and subsequent skill-sets ultimately. In alignment with Blacks in Cybersecurity, our first cohort will complete the Google ​Technical Support Fundamentals via Coursera (related course fees will be covered by Synack). Basic equipment (i.e. chromebooks and hotspots) may be made available, based on students’ individual circumstances and needs, by Synack to be used for the term of the cohort. Application Deadline: Please submit your application by Wednesday, November 25th. Instructions for Teacher Recommendations: Please note which student the letter is reference to, the school in which you teach/the student attends, and send via email to: [email protected]. Thank you!