Synack for Retail

F500/G500 retail companies look to Synack to secure their brands and business.

19% of customers would not feel comfortable buying from a retailer that had been compromised
– KPMG Consumer Loss Barometer

Proactive Penetration Testing for the Digital Era

e-Tailers’ digital attack surfaces are growing rapidly.

Synack’s hacker-powered approach to penetration testing enables retailers to find security vulnerabilities before they do damage to the business.

With Synack You Can Test:

e-commerce testing for web

Gain visibility into how a hacker views an e-commerce website and might access valuable customer data

vulnerability testing for mobile applications

Uncover security vulnerabilities in mobile apps and APIs in both pre- and post-production mobile apps

detect vulnerabilities and changes to host infrastructure

Detect vulnerabilities within, and any changes to, networks & host infrastructure before they cause downtime and revenue loss

understand vulnerabilities within consumer-facing devices

Understand how vulnerabilities within internal and consumer-facing devices impact the grander enterprise ecosystem

The Synack Value

real-time analytics

Real-time analytics on how hardened e-commerce assets are against attack

detailed actionable assessment

Detailed, actionable assessment and vulnerability reports with reproduction and remediation instructions direct from the Synack Red Team

continuous support from mission operations team

Continuous support from Synack's Mission Operations Team, which fully manages every engagement

Retail Case Study

Read the Retail Solution Overview to learn more about Synack’s Retail solution and a recent case study. See how Synack was able to discover an unknown vulnerability that could have enabled attackers to steal products and strike the bottom line.

retail solutions overview

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