Purchase Synack Campaigns with Credits

What is a Synack Credit?

Synack Credits are a currency you can use to purchase Campaigns in the Synack Catalog, a growing set of on-demand security products that solve security testing, vulnerability management, application security, and compliance objectives by harnessing the world’s most talented ethical hackers (the Synack Red Team) and smart technology.

Benefits of Credits: Flexible Solutions and Agile Pace

Credits offer the following benefits

On-demand access to security testing, vulnerability management, and application security solutions that can be launched as needed within the Synack Portal.

Flexibility in consuming Campaigns as needed during the contract period with Synack.

Minimize the amount of scoping needed up front. You can quickly adjust your priorities as new applications come online.

Synack Credits Model

On-demand security solutions available as needed

Start Executing Your Security Objectives With Credits

See a list of executable Campaigns within the Synack Platform, and get started by requesting a demo.

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