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Synack Announces CrowdStrike, Domino’s, General Dynamics Information Technology, Just Eat, and Santander UK as Most Trusted Security Leaders of 2019

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Trust in today’s leading brands is crucial. Research shows that today’s institutions are struggling to uphold their brand promises; as a result, trust with their consumers is waning. One cause is security: last year witnessed 81% more breaches than 2017, which affected hundreds of millions of consumers – and those companies’ brands. This dynamic squarely places CISOs, security teams, and ethical hackers as primary protectors of a company’s brand. Trust is important, and it matters to consumers – that’s why Synack, the trusted leader in crowdsourced security, is giving credit where credit is due.

This year at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, Synack unveiled the industry’s first Guardians of Trust Awards. The awards recognize outstanding individuals and teams that are leading the industry in proactively pursuing excellence not just in security, but also trust. In today’s digital world, getting to trust is difficult and often goes unrecognized. Synack launched these awards to recognize those silent professionals that go above and beyond to protect consumers, stakeholders, and brands.

In typical crowdsourced fashion, Synack opened up nominations to partners of the industry, the Synack Red Team (the company’s crowd of elite ethical hackers), and members of the Synack Mission Operations Team (who partner with leading enterprise companies and government agencies to manage their crowdsourced security programs). The winners chosen have proven that they protect the customer first, exhibit innovation in cybersecurity practices, represent excellence in the protection of their brands, and never settle for the status quo. We are pleased to announce—

  • Most Trusted CISOs:
    • Dave Sheridan of Santander UK
    • Ethan Steiger of Domino’s
  • Most Trusted Pioneer CISO:
    • Kevin Fielder of Just Eat
  • Most Trusted Hacker:
    • Nikhil Srivastava
  • Most Trusted Security Teams
    • CrowdStrike
    • General Dynamics Information Technology

For these winners, security is not an afterthought; it’s a deliberate and continuous practice. As the winners took the Synack stage to accept their awards at the RSA Conference earlier this month, they shared with the audience how they build trust in practice:

  1. Prioritizing rapid remediation to reduce the lifetime of a vulnerability
  2. Building security into their development life cycle
  3. Aggressively hunting for vulnerabilities that could undermine their operations, businesses, and brands on a continuous basis.

“Building a security lifestyle into your organization gets you to trust. This means integrating security into the development lifecycle from the onset of product development,” this year’s Most Trusted Pioneer CISO, Kevin Fielder of Just Eat, remarked. Watch a clip with Kevin Fielder at this year’s Guardians of Trust awards ceremony talk about building trust into security and the importance of continuous testing.

Another award winner, a featured Fortune company, shared the secret behind their success: “Continuous testing is very valuable for our applications. As we’ve been using Synack and finding deeper issues with our applications, bringing that type of information back to our developers, closing the loop, and teaching them how to program around this has been extremely helpful.”

Continuous security and integration into the product life cycle is proving to be crucial for trust within the company. Ethan Steiger, CISO of Domino’s and Most Trusted CISO award winner, commented: “Now, in 2019 more than ever, I need to prove to my board, executives and customers that they can trust that our security is working, and therefore trust our brand.”

The Guardians of Trust Awards encourage increased transparency and trust between consumers, companies, and ethical hackers. These awards advance the industry’s awareness about the importance of security in brand value by recognizing the security leaders who exhibit excellence in their everyday work. Congratulations to all of the 2019 Guardians of Trust!

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