Season 1 Episode 24

Zinet Kemal on starting over, infosec for kids and the importance of mentorship

Zinet Kemal

Zinet Kemal is an infosec powerhouse. After emigrating from Ethiopia to Minnesota with her husband, she started her life over. She left behind her community and career as a lawyer and dived into the world of information security.

She has since become a children’s book author and works as a cloud security engineer for Best Buy, while raising her four kids and completing her master’s degree in cybersecurity from Georgia Tech University.

In the latest episode of WE’RE IN!, Zinet shares how she published two children’s books during the pandemic, “Proud in Her Hijab” and “Oh, No … Hacked Again!: A Story About Online Safety,” and about her work with Black Girls in Cyber. Listen to the episode to hear more about:

  • How you can teach kids (and grandparents) about cybersecurity
  • Zinet’s journey from immigrant to best selling author
  • The power of diversity in cybersecurity