Season 1 Episode 2

“We — as defenders — need to know how to secure APIs.”

Alissa Knight

In this episode, author, hacker, entrepreneur and content creator Alissa Knight reveals her journey from “bullied computer nerd” to federal cybersecurity contractor to famed car hacker. She gets real about the risk of APIs, offers up some must-hear advice for anyone getting into cybersecurity and delivers candid views about the infosec industry as a whole.

  • Get inside the head of one of the most provocative and interesting cybersecurity influencers today.
  • Hear about her work with federal agencies to help secure the future of transportation.
  • Learn more about the urgent need for better Application Programming Interface (API) security.
  • Get new insights into the growing threat to health care organizations and financial institutions.
  • Hear Alissa’s take on how cybersecurity companies can improve their approach to content and marketing.