Season 1 Episode 21

Tracy Maleeff on diversifying the cyber workforce, OSINT skills and “librarian face”

Tracy Maleeff

Tracy Maleeff led a successful career transition into the tech and cybersecurity world nearly seven years ago. Now a security researcher with the Krebs Stamos Group, the former librarian still uses her hard-won open source intelligence skills to sort through a deluge of cybersecurity information for clients and for subscribers of her free InfoSecSherpa news roundups.

In the latest WE’RE IN! episode, she speaks to the importance of having diverse perspectives at the table when it comes to cybersecurity and warns of a disconnect between tech hiring managers and HR departments.

“Companies keep hunting for unicorns when they really just need to pay attention to the squirrels at the base of the tree,” Maleeff said.

A few more reasons to listen:

  • Discover Tracy’s tips for breaking into the cybersecurity industry from other professions: She once helped a mechanic launch a career in pentesting
  • Learn how she’s used Twitter to advance her own cybersecurity career
  • Hear about out her favorite episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians – and yes, there is an infosec connection!