Season 2 Episode 3

Selena Larson on cyber intelligence, “evil” threat actors and TOAD attacks

Selena Larson

In the latest episode of WE’RE IN!, Selena Larson shares insights into malicious hackers and scammers she’s tracking as senior threat intelligence analyst for Proofpoint. Business email compromise, ransomware, sextortion, multi-factor authentication bypass techniques – dealing with the onslaught of modern cyberthreats “is very much like playing whack-a-mole,” she said. By unpacking attackers’ motivations and psychological profiles, defenders can train themselves and their teams to avoid falling into common traps.

More reasons you should listen:

  • Hear Selena discuss what makes threat intelligence actionable, versus extra noise for a SOC
  • Find out about an alarming cyber espionage campaign that recently targeted journalists
  • Learn why Selena despises evil TOADs – “telephone-oriented attack delivery” attacks