Season 3 Episode 1

Ryan Kazanciyan on securing the AI future

Ryan Kazanciyan, CISO at Wiz
Ryan Kazanciyan

Securing a startup valued in the billions of dollars is no small feat. According to Ryan Kazanciyan, CISO at Wiz, it’s all about process. His previous experience with companies like Mandiant and Meta rounded out his security background. Using his experience from large enterprises, Ryan takes a considered approach to securing a startup. 

The cloud security company has an existing ethos of security first, so Ryan and his team are equipped to tackle old and new security challenges alike, from run-of-the-mill phishing attacks to sophisticated AI-enabled threats.  

Listen to the episode to hear more about:

  • His time consulting on the hacker TV series Mr. Robot
  • Ryan’s thoughts on balancing privacy, security and convenience 
  • Lessons from his heavy-hitting cyber career