Season 1 Episode 19

Robert M. Lee on hacking industrial systems, pay transparency and oysters

Robert M. Lee

Dragos CEO and founder Robert M. Lee has been talking about cybersecurity risks to critical infrastructure long before threats to utility operators and water plants were making headlines. In this episode of WE’RE IN!, he discusses the ongoing dangers to the grid from nation-state hackers and ransomware gangs, but also the progress the U.S. is making to better secure its most vulnerable assets. And there’s also a great conversation about pay transparency that anyone working in infosec will want to hear. A few more reasons to listen:

  • It’s a candid and sobering interview with one of the world’s leading experts on industrial cybersecurity.
  • You might be surprised how Dragos approaches pay transparency, hiring and job interviews.
  • Better understand how critical infrastructure operators should approach cybersecurity differently from enterprise technology.