Season 2 Episode 13

Lauren Zabierek on “sharing the mic” in cybersecurity

Headshot of Lauren Zabierek.
Lauren Zabierek

The next generation of cybersecurity leaders have a vision for the future of cybersecurity. Facing advanced nation-state threats, the breakneck speed of tech innovation and a deluge of zero days, Lauren Zabierek is moving the dial on workforce diversity to tackle these challenges. Lauren, senior policy advisor for Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and co-founder of #ShareTheMicInCyber, is also helping organizations “shift left” by integrating security principles into the innovation process.

Don’t miss the latest episode of WE’RE IN! to hear Lauren’s insights into why cybersecurity job descriptions are broken and how talking to everyday people can build the pipeline of cyber talent.

Listen to learn more about:

  • Which cybersecurity story she’d like to see made into a Christopher Nolan movie

  • Why she believes “diversity is national security”

  • How she ended up with Ms. magazine bylines