Season 2 Episode 8

Kelly Moan on zero-trust strategies, safeguarding NYC and the need for representation in cybersecurity 

Kelly Moan, CISO of the City of New York, in front of an Ameircan Flag
Kelly Moan

Zero-trust strategies, safeguarding NYC and the need for representation in cybersecurity

As Chief Information Security Officer for New York City, Kelly Moan is on the front lines protecting New Yorkers from the latest cyberthreats. She juggles everything from implementing zero-trust security models to helping state agencies fend off sophisticated hacking attempts. 

Don’t miss the latest episode of WE’RE IN! in which Kelly opens up about her professional history and shares tips for anyone interested in supporting their own communities through pursuing a career in cybersecurity. Her office has worked to foster the next generation of cyber talent through efforts like the New York City Cyber Academy program. 

“The really amazing thing about the profession in general is you don’t need a degree,” Kelly says. “If you have access to the internet and you have access to a technology product like a mobile phone, a laptop– there’s so much out there and open source that, if you really want to, you can start learning.”

Tune in to hear more about: 

  • Why cloud security is a top-of-mind concern for CISOs 
  • New York’s first-of-its-kind Joint Security Operations Center
  • Kelly’s approach to ensuring “diversity of experience” in the infosec field