Season 2 Episode 12

Jeremiah Roe unpacks the “puzzle” of pentesting

Jeremiah Roe unpacks pentesting on the latest episode of WE'RE IN!
Jeremiah Roe

Pentesting is in Jeremiah Roe’s DNA. He has worked for a traditional pentesting consultancy, conducted clever physical penetration tests over the years (as documented in his episode on the Darknet Diaries podcast), and he now finds himself at the cutting edge of security testing as field CISO for North America at Synack.

Jeremiah is a fan of escape rooms and brings his creativity and strategic thinking to some of the cybersecurity industry’s toughest challenges. Don’t miss the latest episode of WE’RE IN! to hear Jeremiah weigh in on topics such as:

  • Budding API security challenges and how to address them
  • Techniques for transitioning from the armed services to a role in cybersecurity
  • How to think like an attacker to conquer high-risk vulnerabilities