Season 3 Episode 4

Jason Loomis on finding the humanity in cybersecurity

Headshot of Jason Loomis
Jason Loomis

Jason Loomis, Chief Information Security Officer at Freshworks, emphasizes the human side of cybersecurity and the importance of effective leadership. New CISOs should make an effort to understand not just existing security controls, but also the team dynamics at any new organization they’re helping to protect. The human element all too often goes unnoticed, according to Jason. 

In this WE’RE IN! episode, Jason discusses the need for strong communication skills and the ability to engage every employee in cybersecurity practices. 

Listen to hear more about:

  • Why basic security controls and understanding context are crucial in cybersecurity
  • How to “sit down, be quiet and listen” rather than try to fix everything immediately in a new cybersecurity leadership role 
  • What AI means for the risk of future cyberattacks