Season 1 Episode 22

Jack Rhysider on podcasting, plot twists and infosec burnout

Jack Rhysider

Four years ago, Jack Rhysider quit his job as a security engineer to move full time into the storytelling business. His podcast, Darknet Diaries, now boasts tens of millions of total downloads and has explored cybersecurity topics from Stuxnet to the collapse of cryptocurrency exchange Mt. Gox.

Building Darknet Diaries into a successful show was no cakewalk. In the latest episode of WE’RE IN!, Jack shares his experience putting on a great podcast, from ideation and guest selection all the way to monetization and fielding calls from Hollywood producers.

“Don’t think about how big of an audience you have,” he said. “You need to find the right person in your head, of who would love this show, and just deliver it to them in a great way.”

Even if you’re not a podcast creator, there are plenty of reasons to listen:

  • Glean Jack’s insights into the creative process, including the importance of self-reflection and listening with “fresh ears”
  • Hear how he navigates constant deadline pressure while avoiding burnout
  • Learn the secrets behind the most suspenseful moments in any great stor