Season 2 Episode 4

Hudney Piquant on pentesting, staying ahead of adversaries and a cyber “sixth sense”

Hudney Piquant kicked off his cybersecurity career working for a startup out of a garage in Michigan. He has since uncovered critical vulnerabilities as a Synack Red Team member, joined Synack full time as a solutions architect and been honored with a Most Inspiring Up And Comer award by CyberScoop last fall.

Tune into the latest episode of WE’RE IN! to hear Hudney share his insights into getting started with the Synack Red Team, the importance of mentorship in the cybersecurity community and his “sixth sense” that helps him to find creative workarounds for tough security challenges.

More topics covered in the podcast:

Why we haven’t seen the last of the blockbuster Log4j vulnerability
The importance of applying an adversary’s perspective on your networks
How to build trust among professionals skeptical of ethical hackers