Season 1 Episode 16

Hacking for Ukraine, supply chain risk and cyber moonshots

Trey Herr
Emma Schroeder

There’s a flood of cybersecurity news as a result of the Ukraine War as well as Washington’s recent efforts compelling organizations to report cyberattacks to federal officials. In this episode, Trey Herr and Emma Schroeder of the Atlantic Council’s Cyber Statecraft Initiative break it all down. They explore the consequences of an escalating digital battlefield in Europe, whether a hack could bring NATO into the war and strategies for creating more consensus within the tangled and complicated realm of cyber policy. Why you should listen:

  • Understand what’s at stake as cyber warriors do battle on both sides of the the Ukraine War.
  • Learn about some potential consequences of a destructive hack in Europe and whether that could even draw NATO into the war.
  • Hear what Washington is doing to obtain better insights and actionable intelligence that could improve cybersecurity defenses.