Season 1 Episode 7

Google Cloud Evangelist Stephanie Wong on “blameless” security culture

Stephanie Wong

In this episode, Stephanie Wong, head of Google Cloud Developer Engagement, explores Google’s security culture, why it conducts “blameless” postmortems after security testing and how it’s working to dispel lingering misconceptions about the cloud. She also talks about her journey in Silicon Valley and how her experiences winning pageants such as Miss Asian North America 2020 helped her become one of today’s most visible technology content gurus.

  • Learn how to build an effective cybersecurity culture within your organization.
  • Get the inside scoop on the security precautions that Google takes with its physical data center.
  • Hear about what Google is doing to overcome misperceptions about cloud security.
  • Figure out how to conduct security postmortems the Google way.
  • If you don’t know about the “pancake principle,” you’ll find out why it matters, and how it can work for you.