Season 1 Episode 3

“Everyone’s identity has a place in a discussion about national security.”

Lauren Bean Buitta

In this episode, Lauren Bean Buitta, founder & CEO of Girl Security, discusses the importance of supporting, encouraging and training girls for careers in cybersecurity. She gets into why it’s so critical to create — and protect — pathways for young women in order to build a more diverse industry, and why that really matters when it comes to making tough national security decisions that affect the entire population. She also describes her journey into security, and what led her to start Girl Security in the first place.

  • Better understand the value of gender diversity in cybersecurity.
  • Learn how to create trauma-informed programming that builds trust and understanding.
  • Discover how you can help develop new pathways for underrepresented cybersecurity talent.
  • Hear Lauren’s take on how identity can inform security decisions.