Season 3 Episode 5

Dennis Fisher on the future of cybersecurity journalism

Photo of Dennis Fisher, editor-in-chief of Decipher
Dennis Fisher

Dennis Fisher, editor-in-chief at Decipher, reflects on his journalism career covering cybersecurity for more than two decades in the latest episode of the WE’RE IN! cybersecurity podcast. He began in 2000, covering email before transitioning to security. Soon his focus shifted to vulnerability reporting, including blockbuster bugs in Windows and Internet Explorer. This led to Microsoft’s trustworthy computing memo and significant changes in the software industry. 

Dennis also discusses the challenges of cybersecurity journalism and the importance of democratizing information.  

Listen to hear more about:

  • The overlap between cybercrime and traditional organized crime and the impact of cryptocurrency
  • Dennis’s interest in crime novels and the challenges of incorporating his background into his own books
  • The surprising topic Dennis would cover if he wasn’t focused on security