Season 2 Episode 11

Danielle Jablanski demystifies OT cybersecurity

Portrait photo of Danielle Jablanski
Danielle Jablanski

The operational technology (OT) computer networks that support life as we know it are increasingly coming under threat. But despite the proliferation of malware aimed at critical infrastructure, Danielle Jablanski isn’t running for the hills. As an OT cybersecurity strategist for Nozomi Networks, Danielle helps critical infrastructure organizations understand and prioritize digital risks, whether they stem from a lack of visibility into industrial environments or a sophisticated cyberattack from a foreign nation-state.

Don’t miss the latest episode of WE’RE IN! to hear Danielle’s insights into industrial control systems (ICS) risk management, including the recently disclosed COSMICENERGY ICS-focused cyberthreat.

Listen to learn more about:

  • What makes the ICS security field “niche but not nebulous”
  • How Danielle’s background in nuclear weapons policy informs her approach to cyber incident planning
  • Why so few critical infrastructure operators know where equipment with known vulnerabilities may exist on their networks
  • Hacking satellites in space