Season 1 Episode 20

Beau Woods on Medical Device Security, Hacker Culture and Cyber Psychology

Beau Woods

Beau Woods knows firsthand how every moment counts when it comes to medical cybersecurity. He launched his career in a hospital, where it wasn’t always possible for doctors to punch in complex passwords or spare a second thought for cybersecurity. Beau went on to found I Am the Cavalry, a group of cyber ambassadors dedicated to improving the security of devices ranging from pacemakers to connected door locks.

In his current role as senior advisor for the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, Beau helps fill gaps in U.S. cyber defenses by boosting organizations that may not have the resources or knowledge needed to secure critical connected equipment like insulin pumps.

“If you can get ahead of things and help them to build better procurement processes, help them to identify more securable technologies that have better business models, that will have greater longevity, then you can stop the flow of inbound, insecurable devices and – over the next decade or two – eventually that cyber hygiene tide line can rise,” he said in this episode of WE’RE IN!

A few more reasons to listen:

  • Learn Beau’s tips for making cybersecurity issues more engaging, from gamification to building empathy
  • Hear about his unconventional career path from psychology to security
  • Build awareness on the state of healthcare cybersecurity and CISA’s role in government