Season 1 Episode 17

Alex Holden on Russia’s Cyber Arsenal, Conti Leaks and Infiltrating Ransomware Gangs

Alex Holden

Alex Holden has a knack for tracking Russian cyber criminals. The Ukrainian-born cybersecurity expert understands what it takes to infiltrate ransomware outfits, learn their secrets and help organizations protect themselves against their tactics. Beyond that, the firm is responsible for detecting some of the biggest breaches in recent history. In this episode, Alex talks about his approach to tracking the world’s most notorious criminal hackers, the current cyber threat in Eastern Europe and his own journey from Kyiv to the American midwest. Why you should listen:

  • Get the inside story of how the Conti ransomware gang and other Eastern European cybercrime syndicates operate.
  • Hear about how the current Ukrainian War could shift the cyber threat landscape.
  • Discover how one of the leading threat intelligence researchers uncovered some of the biggest data breaches in history.