The World’s Most Elite Crowd of Ethical Hackers Are Ready to Help

With remote work as the new standard, organizations need to augment their security testing teams and secure their newly distributed workforces in order to enable normal business operations by minimizing security risks.

Bug bounty is a great way to harness the power of diverse researchers with an incentive-driven model. However, before engaging with unvetted security researchers, organizations need to be well-informed of the benefits of a comprehensive crowdsourced platform and the potential risks of working with the wrong crowd.

Synack’s crowdsourced security testing platform provides bounty-driven security testing with a curated crowd—this means you get the scale and rigor of bug bounty, with the control and quality that’s unique to Synack. We’ve also built our own smart scanning engine and methodology-driven workflows to give you the best of bug bounty, penetration testing, and vulnerability scanning, all in a single, integrated platform.

Synack offers a team of 1,000+ of the world’s most elite security researchers ready to test your applications and networks effectively and efficiently, with >30% higher ROI compared to other crowdsourced solutions.