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Untangling Your Cloud Assets with Offensive Security Testing

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Cloud technology has afforded organizations the ability to operate dynamically and build new technologies quickly while keeping costs low. However, as organizations move away from on-premises IT infrastructure, they may lose visibility into their new cloud-based assets. 

Cloud environments, such as the big three cloud providers (Amazon, Google and Microsoft), vastly differ from provider to provider. Large organizations likely have assets in more than one cloud environment, which creates a challenge for security teams. Specialized knowledge is needed to ensure proper configuration across cloud environments, otherwise it’s easy to lose track of existing assets and their conditions.

The likelihood that a cloud container (or bucket or blob) is improperly configured, exposing assets to the public internet, is high. One checkbox missed when setting up an application in a cloud environment could expose information unknowingly. 

This is why security teams need access to offensive security testing that provides the specific expertise needed per cloud provider. 

How Synack Solves for Pentesting in the Cloud

Enter the Synack Red Team (SRT) and platform. The SRT is a community of more than 1,500 security researchers, each chosen for their skillset, resulting in a large, diverse pool to perform pentests or other security testing for the cloud

When setting up an SRT engagement with Synack, we’ll find the right security researchers with expertise tailored to your cloud or multi-cloud environment. We also handle dynamic IPs–often associated with cloud environments–with ease, updating the scope of a project every night so that deployed SRT researchers stay on target.

Whether you need IT infrastructure checked in your Microsoft Azure environment or important assets reviewed in Amazon S3 buckets, the Synack Platform has you covered. After SRT reports are vetted for high impact misconfigurations and exploitable vulnerabilities, the platform delivers reports with as much or as little detail as needed. You can also request a patch verification within the platform to ensure any remediations or reconfigurations really worked.

With Synack, you can see security trends over time. If you’re just beginning your digital transformation—moving from on-prem to the cloud—or your organization has spent years building cloud infrastructure and applications, you need to be able to demonstrate to leadership that your security measures are effective. 

From round-the-clock coverage to one-off cloud vuln checklists, Synack can sniff out exploitable vulnerabilities and help you, through data and proof-of-work, build a hardened cloud attack surface.