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Synack Red Team: A Community of Trust

Ryan Rutan
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You often hear in the cybersecurity industry, “Trust but verify.” In infosec, trust can be acquired, inherited, presumed and, most importantly, lost. Therefore, establishing platforms that foster trust is crucial for the long-term success of any enterprise.

However, building trust at scale is never a flawless process. It demands a significant investment and commitment to identifying opportunities to validate and prove trustworthiness. Thankfully, the Synack Platform offers a wide range of capabilities and controls to incrementally expand these opportunities for growing Synack’s network of researchers, including those with a government clearance.

The Synack Red Team (SRT) is dedicated to cultivating and building trust. It is one of the many ways we give back to the industry and raise the visibility of some of the world’s most trusted and talented researchers.

Collaboration and partnership with industry talent are vital in our quest to establish trust. Building trust in isolation is a tough task, which is why we leverage multiple sources and approaches. Assessing skills alone can only determine a person’s capability to perform a given task. 

The more partners we engage with and the more diverse signals we establish, the better we can determine a baseline level of trust.

As we frequently work in the public sector, we leverage a researcher’s governmental clearance to initiate trust conversations, especially when dealing with federal targets that require clearance. However, recognizing that not everyone has the means or inclination to obtain a clearance, we have established the SRT Pathways program.

SRT Pathways: Training the Next Generation of Security Researchers

The SRT Pathways program serves as a trusted guide for both existing security professionals and aspiring newcomers. It outlines priority and preferred pathways, such as Offensive Security, Portswigger, Hack the Box, and SANS Education, providing valuable insight into the skills that are beneficial for a successful career as a member of the SRT. For those starting out in the field, the pathways act as a trusted list of certificates to pursue, helping them establish their credibility and trustworthiness.

To further strengthen relationships, we create environments that embrace the unique qualities of security professionals. We encourage individuals to be their authentic selves, embracing their quirks, nerdy inclinations and playful personalities. By fostering a sense of community, we provide a space where trustworthy behaviors can be learned, taught and celebrated.

Synack’s Envoy and Circle of Trust initiatives play vital roles in this endeavor, as they rally individuals around a common purpose. Through these programs, we aim to create legends in the field, individuals who go above and beyond to contribute to the cybersecurity community. These initiatives are showcased for the world to see on the Synack Acropolis, exemplifying our commitment to transparency and trust.

In addition, we actively support programs such as Artemis and Veterans Programs, recognizing the value of diverse perspectives and experiences in building trust. These efforts not only strengthen our connections with talented professionals but also ensure that trust is represented and extended to all deserving individuals.

As Simon Sinek aptly stated, there are countless ways to measure someone’s performance in business, but far fewer metrics to measure their trustworthiness. It is Synack’s mission to find and foster the world’s most talented and trusted security researchers. As such, it is our duty to honor that trust and pay it forward to future generations.

For professionals considering joining the Synack Red Team, they can find more information about the team’s suitability for them on our website, along with details on how to apply. We pride ourselves on offering a flexible work schedule that accommodates both part-time and full-time commitments, making it accessible for individuals from various backgrounds and circumstances.

Apply today and become part of a trusted community of cybersecurity professionals determined to make a lasting impact in the industry.