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3 Cloud Migration Security Risks and How Synack Solves Them

Synack Joins Google Cloud Marketplace to Streamline PTaaS Deployment

May 2024
Greg Copeland
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How can organizations keep their applications secure as digital transformation and cloud migration accelerate software design lifecycles and expand attack surfaces? To address the challenge, Synack’s Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) Platform is now available via Google Cloud Marketplace.

By bringing Synack and Google Cloud solutions together, customers benefit from cloud agility and scale while maintaining cyber resilience in the face of a constantly evolving threat landscape in the cloud.

Traditional annual penetration testing has long been a staple security measure enterprises use to audit their self-hosted applications for security exposure. While audit remains a critical component of sound security strategy, the static delivery approach of traditional penetration testing is simply not agile enough to keep pace with cloud environments’ rapid rate of change.

That is why Synack is proud to announce we’ve made our strategic security testing solution available directly to Google Cloud customers so they can access penetration and other security testing continuously throughout the year. With modernization and transformation efforts top of mind, Synack’s PTaaS Platform makes it possible to test cloud-hosted applications immediately and often, as application updates and evolving threat exposure dictate. Furthermore, Synack’s PTaaS Platform provides remediation recommendations, reporting and re-testing to help customers improve their cyber resilience over time.

In combination with readily changing testing requirements, Synack recognizes that customer procurement and business workflows are changing. Many customers now prefer to purchase third-party vendor solutions directly from the same cloud marketplace as their cloud provider, simplifying and streamlining procurement processes. In addition to the benefit of faster and easier procurement, Synack’s listing in Google Cloud Marketplace also allows some customers to use Synack PTaaS purchase to draw down against their Google Cloud Committed Use Discount (CUD) commitments.

  • 52% of customers surveyed worldwide indicate they are either highly likely (23%) or somewhat likely (29%) to buy through one of the top three hyperscaler marketplaces
  • 44% of sellers expect to transact more than 10% of their revenue through a Cloud Marketplace in the next year

The Synack Platform enables PTaaS to be strategic, not only compliance-driven, by illustrating actionable data about your attack surface and assets. Synack’s security testing enables efficient remediation by identifying the root cause and impact of exploitable vulnerabilities so security leaders can prioritize them. Synack’s solution includes strategic reporting, re-testing and iterative feedback which help our customers improve cyber resilience and security posture over time.

To learn more about Synack’s PTaaS Platform and to get started leveraging the benefits of Strategic Security Testing for Cloud, please visit Synack’s Google Cloud Marketplace listing.