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Leveling Up Your Security_Strategy with the Synack_Platform

Leveling Up Your Security Strategy with the Synack Platform

Wade Lance
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Wade Lance is the Field CISO for Synack.

Are you more secure this quarter than last quarter? Are members of your team learning and getting better? Are you finding deficiencies in your cybersecurity program and fixing them – or are you just swimming along from patch to patch, hoping for the best?

These tough questions are driving many organizations to overhaul their approach to security testing. It’s easy to argue a given security initiative reduces risk. The board is now demanding that you prove it.

Traditional security testing tends to be coin-operated: Perhaps you schedule a one-off pentest, find a vulnerability, fix it, report it to regulators if needed– end of story. There’s no attempt to actually learn about your overall security posture or change your long-term risk level.

Through our Synack Platform, you can review metrics that show the root causes of your security risks, giving you the tools and information to demonstrate to management that you’re actually solving problems. It’s a transformational approach that delivers the kind of information security leadership is demanding.

No more whack-a-mole

In one recent case, we tested a customer across an entire year. About 80% of the vulnerabilities we found over that timeframe had to do with authentication weaknesses. Yes, we’re going to keep finding the flaws and yes, members of our elite Synack Red Team of security researchers can keep validating they’re successfully patched.

Finding and fixing bugs is all fine and good. But if you keep seeing fruit flies in your house, shouldn’t you try to find the source rather than brushing them away one by one?

It was clear that this particular organization needed to boost its developers’ understanding of secure authentication practices so they could stop introducing new vulnerabilities. That deeper insight into authentication problems wouldn’t have emerged from piecemeal security testing aimed solely at ticking checkboxes for compliance.

Our Platform isn’t just about tactical advantages of tapping into a global network of 1,500-plus diverse, vetted security pros. Of course, we believe diverse perspectives in security testing are essential to hardening systems against the full spectrum of cyberthreats. But the Platform is also about offering customers adversarial testing that shows patterns and trends, so CISOs or security leadership have answers when the board comes knocking. That’s a game changer in today’s security landscape.

At Synack, we use transformational security testing to:

  • Identify security process and posture weaknesses
  • Track improvement in those conditions over time
  • Communicate that risk reduction to senior leadership

Yes, we can augment your operational teams with scalable pentests, succinct (and fast) reporting and surge capacity for emergencies like the Log4j vulnerability. But we can also bring the receipts needed to document your security journey and show progress to executives. You won’t get that from traditional testing.

To learn more about the strategic value of the Synack Platform, book a demo or contact us here.