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Get More Out of the Synack Platform, Not Just Reports for Compliance

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The Synack Platform can help you check all your compliance boxes and meet a wide range of compliance requirements. Synack can generate attestation letters or reports for frameworks including ISO27001, PCI-DSS, HIPPA, SOC2, and NIST for FISMA. Need a yearly pentest? We’ve got you covered. Need reports that compliance auditors and executives can easily understand? Find them in the Synack Pentesting as a Service (PTaaS) Platform after testing is complete.

But when you use Synack’s capabilities only to satisfy compliance requirements, you’re missing out on the benefits of continuous offensive security testing. Synack CEO, Jay Kaplan, says it best, “You are getting scanned every day by bad actors, you just don’t receive the report.” 

As new vulnerabilities are disclosed, hackers are scanning your attack surface within 15 minutes. And with widespread, exploitable software flaws like Log4j, it will take years for security teams to find and remediate all the vulnerable instances in their networks. 

Synack’s continuous pentesting gives you the peace of mind of having your attack surface monitored year-round. Compliance checks might get you out of hot water with your auditor, but continuous coverage keeps you ahead of bad actors looking for a way into your systems. 

Deficiencies of Traditional Pentesting and Scanners

Point-in-time pentests are snapshots and don’t provide a comprehensive security assessment of dynamic environments. You need a process that will live and breathe like your organization does. If you’re sending out continuous updates to your web or mobile applications, you need continuous coverage, especially when those applications store sensitive customer data.

As for scanning tools, they do provide continuous testing, but their results are limited to known vulnerabilities and produce a lot of noise or false positives. This creates a heavy burden for members of your security team, who might be feeling the effects of burnout like many others in the field. They must sift through the noise to find the vulnerabilities that are a) critical and b) can actually be exploited, which takes time and concentration. 

Instead, you could have Synack’s Red Team (SRT) and Vulnerability Operations finding, verifying and providing recommended fixes for the most critical and exploitable vulnerabilities in your system throughout the year. When it comes time for the compliance audit, you will be ready to hand over the report with evidence that the vulnerabilities found were successfully patched without a gap in coverage. And while your customers may never know that your testing program is comprehensive, they won’t see you suffering a data breach. 

Go Beyond Pentesting with the Synack Red Team & On-demand Security Tasks

The SRT can be activated for more than just open vulnerability discovery. In addition to creating reports from frameworks like the OWASP Top 10, they can check for best practice implementations with ASVS. Additionally, the Synack Platform can facilitate efficient zero day response in the wake of critical vulnerabilities like Log4j. These, in addition to other on-demand security tasks are launched through the Synack Catalog, enabled by our credits system. Watch a demo here.

Companies need agile security to keep the business safe without slowing it down. With Synack, you can quickly scale testing to your needs, receive actionable reports from the results and verify remediation of vulnerabilities.