Synack Webinar Series

I’ve Built a Bug Bounty Program,
and There’s a Better Way to Protect Yourself

November 18th at 10am PST

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Gus Anagnos, VP of Strategy

Gus developed and executed, the first, and one of the most respected, crowd sourced security programs in the Financial Services industry during his tenure at PayPal. He has over 18 years of enterprise experience working in information security and enterprise risk in highly regulated industries, including Financial Services.

Join us to review a common current dilemma facing security professionals: Should we prepare for the inevitable breach or invest in prevention? Join us to hear how Gus Anagnos dealt with this at PayPal.

Gus Anagnos brings past experience in managing risk across a number of industries and in this 30 min webinar with Q&A will cover:

  • Benefits of proactive security
  • Balancing resources between prevention & incident response
  • Taking an adversarial perspective to security
  • The things that kept Gus up at night
  • Q&A

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