Synack DEFCON Hacking Challenge

5/3/2017 – 6/30/2017

Top 10 Researchers by Total Points:

Rank Alias Total Points
#1 Mahmoud 2936
#2 (Redacted) 2832
#3 Ozgur 2569
#4 travis 2472
#5 Nikhil 2467
#6 Meals 2155
#7 Dmitry 1361
#8 MrTuxracer 1287
#9 Yaworsk 1271
#10 Konqi 1016


Congratulations to our Top 10 winners! We’re looking forward to seeing you in Vegas for an action-packed, exhilarating day in Las Vegas during DEF CON this year! Thanks to all who participated in our first Hacking Challenge and a shout-out to all who are passionately committed to finding high-impact vulnerabilities in order to help keep our clients secure.

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