Synack Red Team #Hack4Levels

Synack’s 2018 Fall Hacking Competition
9/4/2018 – 10/15/2018

Top 10 Winners by Total Points:

Rank Alias Total Points
#1 grilledcorn 4,722
#2 W– 4,310
#3 (Redacted) 2,409
#4 Mahmoud 1,755
#5 Ozgur 1,536
#6 magicsam 1,366
#7 cablej 1,132
#8 Nishant 968
#9 rohk 921
#10 cript0nauta 914
#11 Devil 789
#12 CMD 771
#13 (Redacted) 592
#14 osakaaa 550
#15 n1 413


Congrats to our final Hack4Levels Top 10 winners! Thanks to all of the challengers for participating—we know the competition was fierce right down to the last few hours of our action-packed, 6-week endurance hacking competition. We’re looking forward to seeing all of the winners at our HackerHangout™ destination event in Bali to celebrate, have some fun live hacking and explore Indonesia with us!

To participate in Hack4Levels, you must be on the Synack Red Team (SRT). If you want in on the chance to win one of the grand prize spots, apply now and join the best of breed on the Synack Red Team and compete in our next competition! You’ll earn points for vulnerabilities you find and the final top 10 researchers will be awarded with an invitation to Synack’s next HackerHangout™ grand prize event. Our hacker house destination event will be loaded with fun—it will feature a surprise location and live hacking challenges on exclusive Synack targets. You’ll be hacking together with the most elite hacking talent in the world!

SRT Levels

Join the Synack Red team to participate in SRT Levels; hack on exclusive targets and join hacking challenges and private invite-only events. Take the challenge and Level-up with Synack—experience our platform and gain status with your achievements!

The SRT enlists the most talented security researchers from around the globe and provides a platform for researchers to do what they are passionate about and get paid for it! The SRT consists of a private network of highly-skilled and vetted security researchers. We’ll provide you with the opportunity to work on unique challenges and deliver exploitation discovery for some of the biggest brands in the world.