Managed Responsible Disclosure


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Vulnerabilities are everywhere. We make finding them easier.

“As a college student, I decided I would drive for Uber to make some extra cash. During the process of signing up, I found my first-ever vulnerability in their application. I reported the PII that I found to the Uber security team; they rewarded me for my find and encouraged me to try ethical hacking through more formal programs. I consider this my ‘break through’ moment.” —Kevin Roh, Synack Red Team member

And we make finding them more efficient.

Responsible Disclosure can make even the most ordinary person an ethical hacking hero. Let the world be on your side and encourage people to report vulnerabilities to you. Celebrate the heroes who help make the world more secure. Get Responsible Disclosure as a Service with Synack Managed Responsible Disclosure. Synack reviews and triages every submission so you can focus on what matters most: fixing the security problems at hand.

How it Works

  1. Researcher discovers vuln on client public site
  2. Researcher visits client’s Responsible Disclosure page
  3. Researcher is directed to submit vulnerability
  4. Vuln is triaged by Synack and sent back to the client
  5. Vuln owned by client, researcher is recognized

Responsible Disclosure on Your Site

Process vulnerability reports from outside researchers with a managed workflow

Media support when going public with MRD program

Case studies to highlight security team efforts

Consultative support in working with and managing the researcher

From College Student to Ethical Hacker

Responsible disclosure is not just for those who consider themselves ethical hackers and security researchers. It’s for anyone who finds something and wants to help.

Synack Red Team member Kevin Roh didn’t plan on being an ethical hacker. But when he accidentally found a vulnerability while he was using the Uber application, he reported it. And so, his journey into formal ethical hacking programs began.

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