Measuring the Value of Security Amidst Uncertainty

The 2020 Trust Report

8 Security Lessons from the Pandemic

Trust has never been more important. In 2020, as we face unprecedented challenges to our communities, global economies and the environment, we are all seeking assurance and trust. In the age of data breaches, privacy issues, and increasing regulation, you need a way to measure and show the progress of your security program.

The Synack Trust Report Series quantifies how trusted organizations are and gives security executives and boards a realistic sense of performance against other industries and actionable recommendations for making progress over the next year.

2018 Attacker Resistance Scores by Industry

Attacker Resistance Score Metric

  • Attacker Cost - The level of effort exerted by the Synack Red Team to penetrate the attack surface and find vulnerabilities +
  • Severity of Findings - The severity and quantity of vulnerabilities discovered in an asset +
  • Remediation Efficiency - How efficiently an organization resolves identified issues in their environments
It's all about measurement. CISOs need a way to present security to their executive team and board in a way that clearly demonstrates and measures the business risk to the organization. The executive team doesn't want to talk about security—they want to talk about risk.
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Signals in Security 2021

Lessons from the pandemic and new opportunities ahead

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CISO Podcast

Mike Baker (GDIT)—The Relationship Between Trust, Security, and ROI

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Buyer’s Guide 2020

Choosing the Right Penetration Testing Platform

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