The Synack Red Team seeks penetration testers who want to hack for fun and profit—literally.

In honor of Veterans Day 2020 and the two-year anniversary of the Synack Veterans Program, our community for SRT Veterans, we are pleased to announce the Synack #TeamAmerica Defenders CTF. Our goal: find the next great US hackers to earn money, prizes and recognition as members of the Synack Red Team.

Bug Bounty DARPA Quote

Any US citizen can participate, not just Veterans.

Dates: October 23rd through October 28th, 9pm Eastern Standard Time


Prizes for the Synack #TeamAmerica Defenders CTF will include swag, high-valued top prizes such as an engraved Oculus Quest, and a chance to join the Synack Red Team!

Bonus Opportunity:

All US citizens will be eligible for a $500 bonus by joining the SRT and discovering their first accepted vulnerability in 30 days!

In addition, any US citizen who can show proof of government clearance (Secret or higher)  will receive an extra $500 bonus by joining the SRT and discovering their first accepted vulnerability in 60 days!

That’s a possible $1,000 on top of your vuln payout!

SRT Participation:

While SRT members are eligible to participate in the CTF, prizes and bonus opportunities will be awarded to Non-SRT participants only. SRT members who participate in the CTF will receive recognition in accordance with the Synack Acropolis and Recognition Program.

Members of the Synack Veterans Program who participate and are the top 25 finishers will receive a bonus gift!

To stay informed and receive an invitation link, please sign up.

To learn more about the Synack Red Team and the Synack Veterans Program, visit the Red Team page on Synack’s website.