The Worlds Most Trusted Ethical Hackers Deployed on Cloud Penetration Testing Missions.

Cloud computing is an unrelenting force within our technological landscape, and as a result around 94% of organizations largest cybersecurity concerns related to cloud security. Successfully strengthening an organizations cybersecurity posture can only occur when there is close alignment between the cloud cybersecurity provider and client. Synack provides continuous penetration testing & vulnerability remediation services to ensure your organizations cloud security posture stays protected from cybersecurity risks.

Synack cybersecurity is a continuous service the deploys an elite group of crowdsourced ethical hacking experts to perform in-depth penetration testing & vulnerability discovery missions, presented through an easy-to-deploy model. We provide access to the worlds best cybersecurity researchers, enabling complete control and view of the research process, while also providing top-level executive reports, all within a single integrated portal.

Synacks Cloud Cybersecurity Security Solutions Offer:

  • Top cloud security experts hunt for exploitable vulnerabilities in your cloud environments. Get an in-depth adversarial perspective on your cloud security and uncover critical vulnerabilities that others miss.
  • Speed: Rapidly deploy tests and get real-time analytics on testing activity, coverage, and performance. Because Synack’s cloud integrations are vendor-approved with AWS, Azure, and GCP, it takes minutes to configure and we can begin testing immediately.
  • Automated Tracking of Cloud Environment: Our cloud integrations track IP address changes and rotations, so your cloud infrastructure can be tested without any disruptions.
  • Real-time Findings and Actionable Results: Receive detailed expert written reports on what vulnerabilities were found – and how to fix them – that you can send directly to auditors or development teams.
  • Complete Control of Testing: Research traffic is under your control—pausable instantly for any reason, such as to diagnose other cloud performance issues. Also, vulnerabilities found by Synack are your intellectual property.
  • Full Service and Support: Synack Operations team is your partner for every step in sourcing and managing security researchers for your cloud pen test.

Trusted by cloud-savvy Fortune 500 companies and major government organizations. Let Synack help your team secure the cloud. To learn more about how Synack can secure your expanded attack surface contact us.