On-Demand Security Solutions For Your Industry

Synack secures all major industries with on-demand crowdsourced penetration testing and end-to-end vulnerability management through a SaaS platform.


No industry is uniquely immune to incidents like data breaches, information leaks, ransomware attacks, or other common attack scenarios. Synack’s testing and vulnerability management ensure that exploitable vulnerabilities are found early, and verifies that remediation is effective. The platform also provides robust reporting capabilities to show your organization’s progress in improving your security posture.

Industries are, however, unique in their compliance and audit requirements, technology stacks, development cadences and more. Synack’s testing and vuln management can meet the unique needs of your industry’s requirements by offering on-demand access to the top security talent, continuously available testing, and end-to-end vulnerability management.

Furthermore, Synack can contextualize your progress in improving security posture through the Attacker Resistance Score, among other metrics and reporting capabilities. Visit the annual Trust Report, or scroll further to learn more about how we can help you benchmark against industries.

Industry-Specific Security Challenges

Financial Services

Financial Services has some of the most stringent security requirements of all industries.

Rather than just solving for compliance, Synack goes one step further to solve for security by taking an offensive approach to testing and providing a realistic, on-demand evaluation of our customer’s resistance to attack.

Utilize the optimal combination of human intelligence and machine intelligence through Synack’s integrated and continuous technology platform to help you work smarter, not harder, when it comes to security.

Synack Protects Navy Federal Credit Union | Fortune Global 500 Banks | Bank of Georgia

eCommerce & Retail

Digital transformation raises the bar for security.

The risk of cyberattacks that would disrupt new digital initiatives has become untenable for eCommerce and retail organizations around the world. As eCommerce and retail organizations navigate massive changes to their operational models and evolve technology, downtime can be debilitating. The ethical hackers on the Synack platform, as well as the vulnerability management tools provided by Synack, have played an incredibly important role in making sure the technology is as secure as possible and enables business.

Synack Protects Domino’s Pizza

Manufacturing & Critical Infrastructure

At Synack, we help organizations quickly identify, fix, and manage vulnerabilities in your systems before they can have catastrophic consequences.

Synack’s on-demand security testing and vulnerability management platform can help manufacturing and critical infrastructure organizations increase resistance to attack as they become a target of nation state actors.

Synack Protects GDIT

Federal Government

As the leading provider of on-demand crowdsourced penetration testing to government agencies, Synack provides adversarial assessments of sensitive attack surfaces and vulnerability disclosure programs in a secure way.

Synack’s Crowdsourced Security Testing platform offers government agencies more control, more visibility, and more trust than traditional bug bounty models.

Synack Protects HHS | Department of Energy | US Department of Defense


Cyberattacks on healthcare facilities continue to rise.

We get ahead of potential attacks and solve for digital transformation, partnering with your security teams to protect data, privacy, and enable rapid response to critical national security needs.

Synack Protects CBI Health

State & Local Government

Synack is the leading partner of State & Local Governments and voting vendors.

We operate within your schedule to secure critical public applications, voting systems, and host infrastructure.

Synack Protects State of Colorado

The 2021 Trust Report

The Synack Trust Report details trends across industries pertaining to overall security posture and attacker resistance. Measured by the Attacker Resistance Score (ARS), the Trust Report can give you an idea of how your security metrics (found within the Synack Portal) compare to your industry’s average.

Download the Report