Synack Red Team Challenge Leaderboard

Synack #Hack4Levels Challenge

Congratulations to our final Top Ten and all SRT who participated!
Nicely done!!

Rank Alias Total Points
#1 Ozgur 3,772
#2 lwsk 3,472
#3 W– 2,959
#4 PuNcH3r 1,657
#5 Nikhil 1,633
#6 Akmal 1,501
#7 5hivaay 1,316
#9 Lewerkun 943
#10 REDACTED 923


Our top 5 Synack Red Team challenge winners will be invited to join us for a fun, action- and hacking-packed weekend in Mexico! Check back every Tuesday for leaderboard updates and see who our top contributors are—the SRT that are finding the most impactful vulnerabilities in this competition!

The Synack Red Team enlists the most talented security researchers from around the world and provides a platform for researchers to do what they are passionate about and get paid for it!

The SRT consists of a private network of highly-skilled security researchers. We’ll provide you with the opportunity to work on unique challenges and deliver exploitation discovery for some of the biggest brands in the world.

SRT Levels

As an SRT member you’ll be able to participate in our SRT Levels program that provides you with opportunities to gain points for your achievements. Synack’s exclusive program, provides you with tools, targets and hacking challenges to earn badges, awards and access to special events. Take the challenge and Level-up with Synack!