Coverage Analytics

Start Evaluating Your Security Assessments with Results—Not Just Reports

With Synack’s Coverage Analytics, you gain true visibility into the full scope of your penetration testing and application security assessments.

Coverage Analytics display in browser

With Synack you get:

Detailed Testing Coverage Maps,
Not Uncertain Scope Coverage

View coverage at a macro level or zoom in and focus on specific areas of interest—a specific URL, subdomain, API endpoint—and anywhere in between.

Coverage Analytics detailed testing coverage maps on specific URLs, subdomains, API endpoints


Coverage Analytics breakdown of red team traffic on your assets

Attack Attempt Classification,
Not Just a Testing Checklist

See the breakdown of Synack Red Team traffic activity on your assets, classified by attempted attack techniques (eg SQLi, XSS).


Proven & Measurable Effort,
Not Contractual “Honor-Code”

Quantify researcher participation and the total active hours of penetration testing efforts.

Coverage analytics quantify researcher participation and active hours of testing


Coverage Analytics real-time data display

Meaningful Reporting,
Not a Vague Summary

Use real-time data to see when, what, and how assets have been tested to make better conclusions about the resiliency of your attack surface.


The Synack Coverage Analytics Advantage:

Business-Level Decision Makers

  • Compile business risk analyses with substantive security data
  • Strategically allocate your security budget with past & present coverage mapping
  • Track individual teams’ performance with true visibility

Security Professionals

  • Track & verify the extent of security assessment coverage
  • Demonstrate the resiliency across your applications
  • Compare vulnerability presence and testing effort between application release versions

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