Fortune Global 500 Bank

Financial Services Customer Success Story

A Global 500 Bank wanted to try a new and innovative approach to break through traditional pen testing. Synack was their obvious answer to an inventive solution. As testing kicked off, the first vulnerability identified was an SQL injection, that if exploited, could have given direct access to a valuable database.




  • Vulnerability fixed within 10 days (speed increased for the customer)

Efficiency & Effectiveness through the Platform

  • Discovery of a vulnerability, that prior internal pen testers couldn’t catch.
  • The ease of the customer portal where the customer could produce a cohesive, detailed report with findings, exploit paths and suggested remediation action.


The Synack platform is now used across the customers global entities. In the past, the customer found traditional pen testing scripted and formulaic. Rather than solve for compliance, Synack went one step further to solve for security by taking an offensive approach to testing and providing a realistic, on-demand evaluation of the customer’s resistance to attack.

The 2021 Trust Report

The Synack Trust Report details trends across industries pertaining to overall security posture and attacker resistance. Measured by the Attacker Resistance Score (ARS), the Trust Report can give you an idea of how your security metrics (found within the Synack Portal) compare to your industry’s average.

Download the Report