Bank of Georgia

Financial Services Customer Success Story

Bank of Georgia incorporated in the UK and publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange is the second largest bank in the country of Georgia in the Middle East. Offering retail banking to more than two million customers, Bank of Georgia looks to Synack to test its most critical IT assets. In addition, to its own robust security tools and strategies, Bank of Georgia was required by its board to raise its security posture through third-party penetration testing.



  • The ease and use of Synack’s comprehensive, real-time Customer Portal provided real value and full control and transparency in all testing with its feature-rich reporting capabilities.
  • Synack patched several vulnerabilities unknown to the customer and identified key gaps in business processes causing the vulns.


“Independent third-party assurance is critical to our security strategy and among all the testing service providers we’ve worked with, Synack is the only one who gives us a true adversarial perspective with deeper and more advanced testing with the best results.”
—Nick Gelashvili, CISO, Bank of Georgia

The 2021 Trust Report

The Synack Trust Report details trends across industries pertaining to overall security posture and attacker resistance. Measured by the Attacker Resistance Score (ARS), the Trust Report can give you an idea of how your security metrics (found within the Synack Portal) compare to your industry’s average.

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