17 September 2014

Top Security Talent Joins Synack

Jay Kaplan

The pace of development and emerging threats means no single technology or team can keep up. Synack is continuing to build its team with the strongest minds in the security space, and setting the standard for ongoing, real security for business.

Today, we are excited to introduce three security experts who are playing critical roles in helping Synack achieve its mission to make the enterprise a safer place.

  • Kymberlee Price, Director of Synack Red Team Strategic Operations
  • Patrick Wardle, Director of Research
  • David Weier, VP of Worldwide Sales

This news comes on the heels of another major addition to the Synack leadership team with Gus Anagnos, the former PayPal executive responsible for developing and leading the PayPal Bug Bounty Program, joining as VP of Strategy and Business Operations.

Kymberlee Price, Director of SRT Strategic Operations
Kymberlee brings eleven years of information security experience to Synack. Prior to joining Synack, she pioneered the first security researcher outreach program in the software industry at Microsoft and then went on to Blackberry, where she was the first Security Program Manager in the BlackBerry Security Incident Response Team, handling open source and browser vulnerabilities in BlackBerry products. At Synack, Kymberlee is responsible for building the Synack Red Team (SRT) to exceed the needs and high expectations of Synack’s enterprise clients.

“My goal is to ensure researchers in the SRT not only meet our stringent admission requirements, but that we also run tight operations to ensure SRT and client success. The SRT Strategic Operations team executes on performance and retention initiatives that are designed to ensure SRT members are efficient and highly satisfied with their SRT experience, and as a result, deeply motivated to deliver high-quality results that exceed our clients’ expectations.”

Patrick Wardle, Director of Research
Patrick has spent more than eleven years in cybersecurity research, and holds several classified patents. He is an experienced vulnerability and exploitation analyst, and has found 0-day vulnerabilities in major operating systems and popular client applications. At Synack, Patrick leads cyber research and development efforts. From finding vulnerabilities in popular mobile apps to his recent speaking gig at DefCon 22 on hacking a Dropcam, Patrick leads the way for Synack’s research on how to hack a Dropcam, Patrick leads the way for Synack’s research and analysis of where vulnerabilities are and what their implications might be.

“There is tremendous appetite among companies to have the best security measures in place, said Patrick Wardle, Director of Research. “Working with this team of the most sought-after security experts means that we have the skills and ability to make sure our customers data is protected at all costs. Our research team is run by real people who are digging in to discover the next threat or new vulnerability.”

David Weier, VP of Worldwide Sales
David joins Synack with more than seventeen years of experience building and leading high-performance sales teams in the enterprise software industry. At Synack, David is committed to educating customers on how the SRT is the most innovative and comprehensive vulnerability solution in the cybersecurity space.

“The Synack offering is a paradigm shift for Enterprise Risk Management and allows us to be at the forefront of security innovation,” David says. “I am excited to be a part of a world-class team and to expand Synack’s presence throughout the world.”

Synack CEO Jay Kaplan stated that, “The addition of Kymberlee, Patrick and David reinforces our commitment to hiring top talent, and is essential to ensuring that Synack is providing the ultimate, critical security solution for the enterprise.”

Welcome, all!