Military Spouse Employment Summit 2019
09 July 2019

The First Crowdsourced Security Program for Military Spouses


Military Spouses Mean More Firepower for the Cyber Mission

Military Spouse Employment Summit 2019

Every time I slide into a Lyft in San Francisco and start a conversation with my driver, it’s clear how increasingly how rare it is to have been born and raised in this city. As people move into and out of big cities in droves, companies like Lyft provide transplants the opportunity to pick up flexible, part time work to help pay rent or make new friends.

There’s beauty in the crowdsourcing industry’s flexibility for workers. You can sign up to be a Lyft driver in San Francisco, while renting out your New York apartment through Airbnb and supplementing your income by building a business on Upwork. For the economy, this means easier access to a larger labor market and fewer mismatches between supply and demand. (Waiting half an hour for a taxi during peak rush hour feels like a long lost memory).

As a veteran spouse, with many friends, family members, and colleagues in the military, I hear frequent concerns from the military community about moving yet again and are worried about finding a new job. My first question is always, “Have you considered crowdsourcing?”

Of the 641,639 military spouses in the United States, 20-25% are unemployed (compared to a 3.6% unemployment rate nation-wide). The majority surveyed by the U.S Chamber of Commerce cited their frequent moves and deployments as the biggest challenge to landing a job.

While traditional employers may find military spouse mobility to be a disadvantage, for crowdsourcing platforms, mobility is not a drawback. In fact, this community, full of highly educated, passionate, and ready-for-work talent, is an untapped opportunity!

We know that military spouses bring the same passion for service and dedication to the mission as military personnel and veterans, which makes them high-potential recruits for our own crowdsourced Synack Red Team. That’s why a couple of weeks ago, at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Hiring Our Heroes’ Military Spouse Employment Summit, I announced that Synack is extending the Synack Veterans Program to include Military Spouses.

The cybersecurity industry faces a colossal talent gap, with an estimated 3.5M unfilled cyber positions by 2021 (Cybersecurity Ventures). Corporations, government agencies, and military services alike are seeking talent to help combat the increasing number of cyber attacks facing our nation and economy every year.

For this reason, the White House, United States Senate, Department of Defense, and Gartner recommend crowdsourced security as a best practice and are advocating for its expanded use. By recruiting, retaining, and developing security talent around the world, enabling them with technology, and making their skills available through a scalable platform, Synack’s most trusted Crowdsourced Security Platform helps organizations fill the cyber talent gap and get ahead of the adversary.

The Synack Veterans & Military Spouse Program is the first and only crowdsourced program to recruit, empower, and deploy members of the military community to serve the cyber mission. The program offers unique benefits to those who have served or continue to serve our country, including:

  • Expedited application review for access to the Synack Red Team (Synack’s elite crowd of ethical hackers)
  • Flexible and lucrative security testing opportunities from wherever you’re based, via the Synack Platform
  • Annual networking events
  • Training opportunities
  • Access to interesting enterprise and government targets

As part of Synack’s commitment to grow the Synack Red Team veterans by 200% by the end of 2019, Synack Veterans and Military Spouses receive referral bonuses for any military members who successfully make it through the Synack onboarding process to become Red Team members.

Military spouses are a perfect fit for crowdsourced security – they passionately serve the mission, are hard-working leaders and contributors in their communities, and bring talent and motivation that the security industry needs.

To the military spouses out there – send us your applications. We look forward to seeing you on the Synack Platform!