02 August 2017

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Why a Synack Pen Test Means Higher ROI

Anne-Marie Chun

Since Day 1, we have had a simple goal: provide an offensive approach to defense that reduces organizations’ security risk.

As the adversary changes the rules of cybersecurity, Synack has been dedicated to changing the game. This vision dates back to our founders’ days on the offensive side of cybersecurity at the NSA. Even at one of the most sophisticated security organizations in the world, red team resources were hard to come by and lacked a diversity of skills. Because of this shortage of critical talent, it was clear that the adversary was able to swim through networks with virtual impunity. It was then and there that Jay and Mark decided to bring a more scalable, offensive approach to defense through crowdsourced penetration testing.

Traditional pen tests are like blacklisting an IP to block spam: insufficient and obsolete. Traditional pen tests are checklist-driven and compliance-based, failing to mimic the creativity of the adversary. Typically, these pen tests are conducted by small, static testing teams that simply can’t scale to the size of modern attack surfaces and diversity of attackers. With a talent gap expected to total 3.5M open cybersecurity positions by 2021, it’s no wonder that pen testers have difficulty expanding their teams. For these reasons, crowdsourced penetration testing is disrupting how global enterprises and government agencies conduct security testing.

Crowdsourced penetration testing offers a scale and diversity of penetration testers previously unavailable. However, not all crowdsourced penetration testing companies are created equal. Crowdsourced penetration testing solutions vary based on the quality and trustworthiness of the talent, the sophistication of the management and analytics technology, the speed and simplicity of deployment, and the level of support service provided for vulnerability discovery, triage, reporting, and remediation, all of which drives differences in ROI.

Synack is the crowdsourced penetration testing solution of choice for the F500/G2000 and government agencies due to our unique platform, purpose-built with trust, control, and visibility at its core. As with traditional pen tests, Synack uses a combination of man and machine – but not just a group of any humans and a generic marketplace matching algorithm. Synack pairs this powerful combination of human talent and technology with data and visibility to provide a scale, ease and thoroughness previously unavailable. Here’s the recipe for our platform’s success:

  1. Man – Synack Red Team: The world’s best ethical hackers, vetted for skill and trust and incentivized based on what they find, rather than how many boxes they check
  2. Machine – Hydra: The SRT’s secret weapon, i.e. an automated scanner designed to optimize SRT efficiency
  3. Data & Visibility – LaunchPoint: A secure gateway for all testing activity that offers risk mitigation for both customers and researchers, customer control and real-time analytics
  4. “Concierge Service” – Mission Operations: A force multiplier that does what your teams should not have to, including 24-hour test deployments, 24/7 program management, noise removal through 24-hour triage and 72-hour patch verification, continuous performance tracking and community management

All four components of our platform work together to provide a simple, easy, effective solution with real-time analytics and on-demand, detailed reports. A painless way of understanding your security risk from a true hacker’s perspective.

A Synack pen test means:

  • Realistic assessments from a hacker’s perspective
  • On-Demand pen testing that can scale to the size of your attack surface
  • Actionable results you can believe in

So what does that amount to? Minimally, this allows our customers to achieve a 53% higher ROI than a traditional pen test and a clear understanding of security risk from a hacker perspective. For the numbers behind the number, read The Synack Value.