14 February 2017

Synack Launches Coverage Analytics & Reporting Product Feature at RSAC 2017

Derek Athy

Security teams today are increasingly faced with questions on how measurable their security defenses really are – whether it’s from security leadership, business leadership, the board, or any/all of the above. And most often, the answer lies with only the results of assessments like penetration tests or vulnerability scans, findings such as threats detected and mitigated – or worse, how many legitimate breaches have been discovered.

However, there’s more to measuring security resiliency than knowing what vulnerabilities are there. You also need confidence in knowing what’s not there. Organizations need to know how resilient their networks and applications are to real-world hacking attempts – which is exactly what Synack’s Coverage Analytics & reporting feature provides today to some of the largest government agencies and enterprise organizations across the globe.

Powered by Synack’s LaunchPoint® technology, the Coverage Analytics feature measures & characterizes all Synack Red Team (SRT) and Hydra testing activity across an organization’s attack surface and translates this data into comprehendible metrics surrounding when/what/how exactly the applications and assets in scope have been assessed. Coverage Analytics empowers organizations to visualize the key testing metrics and results of an assessment in a single, straightforward view, rather than solely relying on a summary report and a penetration tester’s “word”, or penetration testing checklist and found vulnerabilities, with little-to-nothing else to show for it.

Beyond traditional vulnerability data, Synack Coverage Analytics provides organizations with the intelligence needed to better report on security testing measures taken thus far, and subsequently better strategize next steps to allocate security budget accordingly. Organizations can now rapidly hone in on areas of the attack surface that are the most prone to high-impact security issues, or conversely, identify assets that have proven resilient under even the most aggressive testing conditions. Key stakeholders can now confidently report out on not only the findings of a penetration test, but the extent of coverage achieved, the amount of effort exerted on specific areas of the attack surface, the testing methodology, etc. and no longer have to place blind trust in the report left behind on your a penetration tester’s or consultant’s way out.

Essentially, it’s time to …

In the past few months of Synack Coverage Analytics’ beta phase, client testimonials have attested to the value of the feature, as they are now able to:

  • Report on results and risk with confidence, adding real security data to their business risk assessments
  • More strategically allocate security testing budget toward the best appropriate next steps
  • Measure and demonstrate resiliency, not just vulnerability
  • Track coverage in real-time, placing positive validation behind penetration testing and application security assessments – and dollars

And that’s just the start. Learn more about Synack Coverage Analytics, and catch us around RSAC to see for yourself!