20 October 2017

Synack & HPE

Julia Yrani

Synack is excited to announce our new strategic security partnership with HPE, one that allows both companies to play to our strengths in order to best serve our customers. HPE now delivers the Synack solution to customers worldwide via its HPE Complete program and anticipates future offensive security solutions in partnership with HPE Pointnext. These solutions will help organizations across the globe procure and embrace crowdsourced penetration testing with the help of trusted advisors from HPE.

Synack + HPE =
Actionable Security.

See what Synack and HPE can do together:

“Given the massive skills gap the cybersecurity industry faces, HPE Pointnext is promoting a crowdsourced approach in partnership with Synack. The shortage of cybersecurity expertise is one of the main reasons adversaries continue to breach big businesses and governments. By bringing Synack into our ecosystem of service solutions, we will help our customers enhance their cybersecurity defenses by leveraging white hat researchers from around the world.”

– Vishal Lall, SVP, Strategy and Ventures, HPE

“Synack finds and addresses a number of high severity vulnerabilities on every client engagement. These critical vulnerabilities have gone undetected by other solutions and penetration testers. In partnership with HPE we expect to add many new enterprise customers across a variety of industries. By utilizing Synack’s crowdsourced model to proactively and intelligently test, HPE-Synack clients are likely to identify and address more than 250 Equifax-caliber vulnerabilities in the first year alone, without one Equifax-type breach. With estimations on cost of breach to Equifax being $4 billion, offensive crowdsourced penetration testing could save the global enterprise over $960 billion in total.”

– Jay Kaplan, Synack CEO and CoFounder