Watch the Webinars from Synack's Digital Summit
05 December 2019

Didn’t Attend Our Digital Summit? Don’t Miss Out.

Lauren Newman

We were thrilled to have so many of you attend our most recent Digital Summit, Security at Scale. 

Because of agile software development, most organizations are releasing code every two weeks. This means new, unknown vulnerabilities have the potential to be introduced into an attack surface almost constantly. As a result, it is imperative that security practitioners and CISOs can scale security testing effectively and efficiently. 

To help understand the best way to do so, we organized a digital summit covering topics ranging from scaling security testing to selecting the right vendors, and everything in between.

If you couldn’t join us live, don’t worry! You can still tune in and listen at your own pace, on-demand. Browse the topics and view the webinars below.

How to Scale Security: Augmenting Security the Smart Way

Presenters: Ron Ulko, Information Security Manager, Domino’s, Aisling MacRunnels, Chief Marketing Officer, Synack 

Hear how enterprises are modernizing their security practices and optimizing the use of humans and augmented intelligence to achieve more efficient, smart security testing at scale.

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How to Select Security Vendors That Will Scale With You

Presenter: Nick Harrahill, VP of Operations, Synack

Find out how to select security testing vendors and find efficiencies among them, including the different types of security testing, their capabilities, and their pros and cons. Learn the questions to ask in your RFPs and how to measure performance. 

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Scaling Down Risk: Managing Your Security Portfolio

Presenters: Luisa Antas, Manager, Customer Success, Synack; Ryan Cordell, Manager, Federal Operations, Synack

Learn how best to manage and prioritize risk within your portfolio, what technical controls you should look for in every security test, and how to leverage your security testing to minimize security risk. 

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Keeping Pace with Process: Best Practices for Managing Security at Scale

Presenters: Nathan Jones, Director of Operations, Synack

Understand best practices for starting a crowdsourced security test, what to expect from a crowdsourced security test in your day to day, and integrating crowdsourced security data into your workflow.

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Best Practices for Compliance and Security Testing at Scale

Presenters: Paul Mote, Director of Solutions Architects for Federal, Synack; Justine Desmond, Manager, Product Marketer, Synack

Compliance can be difficult to scale with growing assets, IPs, and attack surfaces. Synack conducted a survey of 311 organizations to better understand how they make their compliance and security testing programs more efficient and effective. Watch the webinar for a summary of the key takeaways. 

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How Technology Augments Hackers to Hunt for Vulnerabilities Efficiently

Presenters: Sasha Krassiev, Sr. Director, Engineering, Synack; Phil Whitby, Director, Engineering, Synack; Kaitna Shankar, Product Marketing Manager, Synack

Crowdsourced security testing is being elevated with augmented intelligence. Learn from the engineers building technology to make security testing more efficient. They talk through their optimized approach of algorithmic scanning and human testing allows security teams to gain a more robust security posture. 

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How Vulnerabilities get Introduced, Found, and Fixed

Presenters: Rajesh Krishnan, Director, Product Marketing, Synack; Steven Scoles, Security Analyst, Synack

In this session, we dig deeper into the lifecycle of a security vulnerability to get better insights into how to avoid them, how to find them, and how to get rid of each one for good.

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9 Things Great Security Teams Do (and 5 They Don’t)

Presenter: Nick Harrahill, VP of Operations, Synack

Security teams’ best practices are both technical and organizational.  Each one helps shift the process from reactive to proactive security, as organizations and security needs scale. Join Synack’s Nick Harrahill as he shares his experience working with hundreds of security teams on what the best security teams do… and do not.

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Don’t have time for a webinar, but interested in learning how today’s top organizations are taking control of compliance goals without burdening their security teams? Download The 2020 State of Compliance and Security Report, featuring data from over 300 leading security teams across a variety of industries, to learn the most effective and efficient methodologies used for compliance and security testing, and why crowdsourced testing is expected to be used by 50% of organizations by 2020.